Board of Directors

Members of the Board

The Board of Directors consists of five members who serve staggered terms of three years each. Elections for the open seats are held every year at the annual homeowners’ meeting in May.

  • Stacy Tillotson, President (term expires May 2019)
  • William DeBlase, Vice-President (term expires May 2021)
  • Tyrone Seymour, Treasurer (term expires May 2019)
  • Kathy Pegg, Secretary (term expires May 2021)
  • Andrea Jourdain, Director (term expires May 2019)

About the Board Meetings

The Board holds regular business meetings at least four times a year. At the meetings, the Board discusses current finances, pending collections, maintenance of the common property of the Association, and any other issues of local, state, or federal government that may affect the homeowners. In its last meeting of the year, the Board also determines the budget for the following fiscal year. The Board invites and encourages homeowners to attend its meetings. Before the regular business meeting begins, the Board allows time for an open forum during which homeowners can communicate their concerns, provide feedback, and make suggestions to the Board.

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