Reminder about following regulations for property improvements

The Board of Directors would like to remind our fellow homeowners about the rules and regulations that need to be followed when a homeowner wishes to make improvements to their building or site. The Village of Round Lake has building codes that require building permits for almost any project one can think of. Please see the Building Department’s Webpage for more information on permits.

Before getting a building permit, a Lakewood Orchard homeowner is required to get approval of the Homeowners Association Board for most property improvement projects. Details about project approval are found in our HOA documents on this Webpage: Documents. On this Documents page you’ll also see a link to the Alterations & Additions Application, also known as an ARC form, which must be filled out and sent to our management company for review by the Board acting as the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC will review the application and either approve it or disapprove it according to the HOA regulations. The vast majority of the time the ARC grants approval; the rare times that the ARC disapproves is when the application is in obvious violation of either the HOA regulations or the Village code. The ARC typically turns around an application in a day or two. We urge all homeowners to follow proper procedures before beginning any building or site improvement project. Those homeowners who do not follow code and regulations are subject to fine by both the HOA and the Village.

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