Report from Annual Homeowners Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting May 18, 2016

The annual meeting of the homeowners of our association was scheduled to take place on May 18, 2016 (see previous post), but it was unable to be legally convened because of a lack of a quorum of homeowners present either in person or by proxy. The result of no annual meeting is that the current board members will remain in place with all seats on the board up for election in May of 2017.

Since no annual meeting was possible, the board convened its regular business meeting. The major item of business the board acted on was the approval of a landscaping improvement plan that would, among other things, add more plantings to our various islands in the subdivision and to the playground. The current board members then elected new officers from among themselves:

  • Andrea Jourdain, President
  • Stephen Bero, Vice-President
  • Tyrone Seymour, Treasurer
  • Kathy Pegg, Secretary

As there was a vacancy on the board, the board appointed Stacy Tillotson, who had volunteered to fill the vacant director position. We welcome Stacy and congratulate all the board members as they begin this new year of service to our homeowners!

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